AB Werkt E-Flex: Digital transmission

Flexible employees are indispensable in many sectors. Being able to quickly up- or down-scale your staff contingent, makes you a flexible and agile employer.

Setting up that flexible core is often a major hassle. Where do you find such flexible employees? How do you ensure that the entire process is properly regulated according to Dutch labour law and, at the same time, you don't run too many risks as an entrepreneur?

AB Werkt E-Flex understands what dilemmas you may be facing. E-flex is the digital temp agency for AB Werkt, where you can manage as much of the process as possible yourself. This makes a considerable difference to costs. At the same time, you are assured that everything is regulated according to laws and regulations and that the positions are compensated with the appropriate remuneration.

How does it work?
AB Werkt E-Flex arranges the recruitment and selection of employees completely digitally.

If you have a vacancy, you can enter it yourself on the portal of AB Werkt E-Flex. After that, it will be displayed on the website.

A job-seeker will then see it on the website. In order to apply, he or she must complete  one-time registration. After that, s/he can respond to the vacancy. We will introduce the candidate to you and you can then decide whether to accept the candidate, or not. After that, we start the contract process etc.

What if I’ve already found a good employee?
Perhaps you already have a candidate who, for example, has worked for you before. Or you know someone from your network who would fit the position well. Then send the vacancy link to the person concerned so that he (or she, of course) can apply.

My employee does not speak English
Many of our customers' AB Werkt E-Flex employees come from Poland and Romania. All our communication is available in several languages: Dutch, English, Polish and Romanian. The employee portal is also available in these languages.

The processes are all well-managed
Once the employee starts work, we will ensure s/he receives the correct remuneration. You can take advantage of the flexibility offered by ABU cao. This means that you can offer multiple temporary contracts to the employee. Flexible for up to 5 ½ years. You pay an hourly rate which includes all surcharges, holidays and holiday pay. You know where you stand.  AB Werkt, and not you, is the legal employer. This means that we are also the point of contact when an employee becomes ill, for example.

Once again, a brief summary of the benefits:

  • No employer risk;
  • Clear and transparent tariffs;
  • Fully digital;
  • No investment in software;
  • Accessible 24/7;

The difference between AB Werkt E-Flex and Payroll
Have you ever recruited a temporary employee yourself? And does your company fall within the scope of the collective agreement for open crops or greenhouse horticulture? Then you can use the AB Werkt Payroll. There are slightly different conditions for this. Click here for more information.

E-Flex is part of the Cooperative, AB Werkt Zuid-Nederland. Active in three southern provinces, namely Limburg, Brabant and Zeeland. Would you like to know more about AB Werkt? Click here

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