E-flex: digital broadcasting

Flexible employees are indispensable in many sectors. By being able to scale up or scale down quickly with personnel, you are flexible and adaptable.

Setting up that flexible layer is often a hassle. Where can you find that flexible employee? How do you ensure that everything is properly arranged according to Dutch labour law and at the same time you don't run too many risks as an entrepreneur?

AB Works E-flex understands better than anyone what dilemmas you are dealing with. E-flex is the digital employment agency of AB Werkt where you organise as much as possible yourself. That makes a considerable difference to the costs. At the same time, you can rest assured that all this is arranged according to laws and regulations with application of the correct remuneration.

The benefits of AB Works E-Flex:

  • No employer risk
  • Clear and transparent rates
  • Fully digital
  • No software investment
  • 24/7 access